Write About Changing Your Mind

Professional content can be authentic. It should be authentic. And it can also be personal (which is not the same). In a world where information is often readily available, our unique perspective can be a differentiator. It makes our content memorable and builds a relationship with our audience. 

Stories of evolution are generally more engaging than a description of a static condition. When evolution is personal, it is even more so. 

When you write about how you changed your mind about something, you expose yourself. You are being vulnerable. You share your journey with your audience, bringing them closer to you. Many of them might still hold the view you had before, and sharing the story of gaining new insights paves the way for them to follow in your footsteps. 

Write about what made you change your mind. Share how it felt and the pushbacks you have experienced (both internally and externally). Talk about your doubts and your epiphanies. 

Be honest. Be real.

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