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If you read my LinkedIn feed in the last couple of weeks, you might have noticed an increasing number of posts and comments in Hebrew. Many of these posts are not about communication, writing, or creativity. They are about our future here in Israel. 

We are facing a threat to our democracy from within. Our elected government is trying to break the delicate balance between the institutions that are the pillars of any modern democracy. This change will grant the government unlimited power without any practical ability to criticize, challenge, and revert decisions. Some call it a political dispute. Most people know it is a constitutional crisis that will affect us for years to come. 

Many people, and I am among them, got a lot of support following such “non-professional” posts but also quite a lot of backlash. Expressing what is considered political opinions (or anything under dispute, for that matter) is often not well received on a professional platform like LinkedIn. So why do it? Why risk losing professional connections or potential clients? Why antagonize your audience when it is so easy to stay within the boundaries of the consensus? 

The content I create is not sterile; it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. I don’t operate in a void, and when something like the nature of the country my children will live in occupies me so much, it impacts everything I do. Speaking up in such cases is the only way to be authentic. If I ignore it and act like “business as usual,” I will not be true to myself. 

I don’t have an opinion on everything that happens in the world, and even when I do, I rarely share it if it is not related to my professional domain. My content is focused on my expertise for the most part. You won’t find too many personal stories and random bits of my life in my feed. But when something touches the core of my being, keeping it to myself seems mechanical and inhuman. For better or worse, it is an integral part of me, and as such, it affects everything I do. Including my writing. 

When you feel you need to speak up, do it. Do it wisely. Don’t share whatever comes to mind in the heat of the moment, but don’t avoid the issue just because it is not what you usually write about. Use your judgment, but write from your heart. That’s one of the things that make us human.

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