Toy Story, Part 3: Lego

Lego is an engineering wonder. Each Lego brick has a shape and features that enable it to connect to other bricks. You cannot reshape it, but you can combine it with one, two, or thousands of other bricks to make complex creations. It is accurately designed and manufactured, but you can still use it in infinite ways. And once you are done creating one model, you can disassemble it and reuse the bricks to create a different, more elaborated one. Lego can naturally grow with you. It is both abstract and has a precision quality to it. 

When your content is like Lego, it includes well-designed ideas that the audience can use to build greater ones. You provide your audience with carefully crafted value, which is much more than merely raw material. Your ideas enable the audience to grow and reuse them for their own creations. Each building block you provide is meaningful enough to be reused later for even grander designs, and it continues to be part of your audience’s toolbox. Each of your ideas is still recognizable as yours, but at the same time, it allows your audience endless flexibility and triggers their imagination. 

The best content you can create is made of such refined and accurate building blocks. You, as the author, can use them to create a complete and coherent model with more value than each of the bricks that make it. But your audience can reuse the building blocks you have crafted and create something you have never imagined possible.

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