Generative Communication

Generative communication should have been a tautology. Communication should have been a means to achieve things together by definition. Unfortunately, today more than ever, communication is fractured, continuous, spontaneous, unfocused, and shallow. Instead of enabling us to co-create, it often distracts and frustrates us. We broadcast for the sake of broadcasting.

But we can change that.

We can generate things together even when our communication is apparently unidirectional (like the article you are currently reading). We can co-create even when we seem to have different goals. It is anything but trivial, but like other Generative Skills, effective communication is natural and universal, and it can help us achieve things we can barely imagine.

So, with that in mind, I started this blog, where I will publish new (almost) daily thoughts and insights about improving communication. Most of what you will read here can be applied to any form of communication: from written publications and public speaking to intimate workplace communication. But don’t treat any of that as tips. Use these ideas as cues for thinking, reflecting, and experimenting. Don’t just read them — think about how they can affect you and the people you communicate with. Play with them, reshape them, and make them your own.

I hope you will find this blog helpful in carving your way to better communication, and there’s nothing I would love more than reading your thoughts and getting your feedback. And, of course, if you find any of that interesting, relevant, and thought-provoking, share it with your friends, colleagues, and network.

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