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When we think of data in the context of organizational decision-making, we tend to focus on numbers. In most organizations, this data is the most accessible. We have so many systems with hard data that is easy to quantify, and…

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Communication Flows: The Book

The Communication Flows framework can help us improve our communication whenever we need to create things together. It is built on what we are wired to do naturally and tries to overcome the pitfalls of modern communication platforms, tools, and habits. It is a toolbox that will help us craft and refine solutions to different needs.

Workshops, Talks, and 1:1 Mentoring

Unleash the power of Generative Communication and turn it into your superpower. I lead Generative Communication and Content-Shaping workshops and talks for teams and organizations.

With 1:1 mentoring, I help individuals communicate better, write better, and turn their ideas into an impact.

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